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We Would Like to Thank Val for setting up the Web.

                               Thanks the Band!

JULY-16-03:The band played on The Ted and Amy show on 93Q to promote the Party on the Plaza show. Also we were the featured cover story with Miss E  on the cover. 

July-20-03 We played the Convention Center at The Turning Stone Casino. Along with some club Work for the New York Blues fest .

Aug-2-03 Boatie Gra on The River of Sylvan Beach. Would like to see the Video. The Band Played on a Boat With 40+  other Boats in Tow.

Labor Day Weekend We did The A-Bay Blues Fest and The New York State Fair.

September was Great for Klub Work. 


Hey the Winter was Tuff but It is Finally over!!! We had a very good run Club wise and working on the new CD. 

We have been in the Studio "Sub Cat" in Skaneateles N.Y. With Ron Keck at the Board. All Original material by the Main Funk M. I have been on a lot of Studio Projects and this has been a joy the Songs are great. WE did the Basics live at the Dino in the Cuse. I was not on board with this But it came on Great .It is hard to be Unbiased on this so Pick up the disc. And you be the Judge we are looking for a May 28th release. 



Well the CD is Done and we are going to Press! Will be out by the End of May!!! Getting Gigs together for the Summer. lot of New Venue's popping up.


"Epiphany" has been Released on Cinnamon Pig Records.


The CD is Out Reviews are coming in and CD's Are going out. A busy Summer ahead.


Well Miss E and Pat where the Opening Act for LynyrdSkynyrd at the Landmark Theatre. They did a Acoustic Set Will be Posting the Reviews. 

We have been playing a lot over the last year so we will be taking some time off to Chill and get new Material together In October. Thanks to all who Support LIVE Music!!!

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Syracuse New Times Net

Idle Chatter

Rebel Rousers

Lynyrd Skynyrd's seen lonely times lately, but at their Aug. 10 Landmark Theatre stop, the Southern rockers had good company in their rabid devotees. "You guys are kicking our ass!" whooped singer Johnny Van Zant. "We've been off tour for two weeks. We're just gettin' back into the swing of things."

In fact, those weeks were spent in mourning of Van Zant's dad Lacy, who died Aug. 3. Their first show since his passing could have been a solemn affair but they wouldn't have it. During their encore, video clips celebrated past band members, including founding singer Ronnie Van Zant, guitarist Steve Gaines and backup singer Cassie Gaines, who all perished in a 1977 plane crash, as down below the lot fanned "Freebird" to orgiastic heights of guitar wank. Band members' wordless hand motions screamed "Yes! Yes!" as affirmation bled in the set for what this band is and has been, despite their sorry contrast to the lithe, badass Skynyrd of yore. Their hair was too long, their pants were too tight and most of their waistlines were bulging.

But they're still fiery players, especially Rickey Medlocke, who soloed for a solid five minutes in the encore and even quoted the Star-Spangled Banner. Sometimes he and fellow guitarists Gary Rossington and Hughie Thomasson worked tandem rhythms, making symbiosis; the front line's power chords in "What's Your Name" were sonic mountains of rock'n'roll whupass.

Skynyrd walked that thin line between Southern pride and straight-up jingoism as they always have, and somehow endeared with their honesty. With "Gimme Three Steps" they waved a white flag to big bad men who want their wives back, and in "Sweet Home Alabama" endearingly bagged on Neil Young for making lyrically dubious statements about the South (his "Southern Man" prompted the tune): "Well, I hope Neil Young will remember/ a Southern man don't need him around anyhow."

The band wears its pride, and however that rubs you their tunes go down easy because they've the chops to back it up. The opening notes of both "Gimme" and "Sweet Home" instantly conjured Union Jacks and the band's hairy mugs. Incidentally, their mugs are very different than in the 1970s: Van Zant filled in the shoes of brother Ronnie in 1987, and shares the current lineup with only two original members, hot-shit axeman Rossington and keyboardist Gary Powell. Still, "That's How I Like It" and "Call Me the Breeze" had a lot of life in them, as did opener "Workin' for MCA," whose circular opening riff forecast the show's kinetic pace in the first few seconds.

Throughout the set, comic relief came in shameless video plugs for A&E's forthcoming series Dog the Bounty Hunter, about Duane "Dog" Chapman's hunt for bail-jumpers. The dude has 12 kids, dons an otherworldly mullet and has nada to do with Skynyrd, except that his TV show, debuting Aug. 31, is a small sponsor of Skynyrd's Vicious Cycle tour. And both have red napes, as Van Zant proudly affirmed in the proletarian "Red, White and Blue": My hair's turning white/ my neck's always been red/ my collar's still blue."

Behind Van Zant sprawled a huge American flag while video feeds panned rural America, the working class and military bombs blowing enemy targets to shit. Ahhh, America. The hackneyed imagery was too familiar, as was the repertoire, relying almost exclusively on classics; when they burst into a medley of standbys mid-set it began to sound like the Skynyrd Revue. These cats are aces at their craft, and the crowd lapped it up, but less glory-hording would behoove a band that's already milking its name.

Although Chapman never showed, bucking the show's innuendo ("Skynyrd and Dog team up!") opener Miss E. proffered sweet enough appetizers. Fellow Mind Funk mate Pat De Salvo, on acoustic bass, shined with the blueswoman on Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth" and her own "Forever and a Day." "Some of you might know me from the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que," she said of her days busking outside the rib/blues joint, "so I'm gonna take you back to those days." Then she played an incendiary "Nobody Knows When You're Down and Out," laughing between a couple verses as if in keen awe at the crowd. Seats were packed, to be sure, but the duo brimmed with backyard-barbecue composure.



Well we got Nominated for a Sammy!!!But we did not Win! But we did get Nominated! When you put any Music out for The Public your wide open to be Reviewed and as they say put under the Microscope. Nobody puts out something they think is bad or not up to Par. What they are doing is Documenting the Moment so Enjoy. 

    Check us out. 

--Nathan Turk